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CME Practionner's email

Dear sir,

I found your e mail address in a forum where i am trying to gather information about this approach in order to take my 10 years cerebral palsy son to chile for this therapy.

could you please, give me some details and also any useful link in order to understand better the CME and see if it will really help my son to improve.

Going to chile will be a very expensive trip and i must be sure that will be worth trying it, We live in the UK.
Many thanks

Best Regards




"Hi Lisa

you can check my website it has a link to ramon Cuevas' website from there. Both should have some info for you

It is difficult for me or anyone else to tell you if it will help your son improve-especially sight unseen.

I will say this: In my experience in Pediatric Rehabilitation, there is no more powerful therapy than CME, and no more unique practitioner than Ramon. He is not just a cut above the rest. He has completely transformed the way children with motor delays can be viewed and treated.

While I cannot say with any certainty that you will see progress, and I am not aware of the financial (and other) strains this trip will cause, I do not think that you will be disappointed if you go. At best you will be successful, and at worst you know that you have tried the best for your son.

Jonathan Orgel, PT CME III "